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Mary's Meals Ireland Board

Reverend Fr Eamonn Kelly (Board Chair)

Fr Eamonn is the Administrator of Letterkenny Cathedral. He joined the priesthood later than some, after spending a number of years as a barman.

He is an active member of the Mary’s Meals Letterkenny supporters group, which works hard to raise awareness of and vital funds for our school feeding programmes.

The best aspect of Mary’s Meals, according to Fr Eamonn, is: “It’s accessible because the costs involved are so low and anyone can tell the story to a friend.

“Mary’s Meals sees each child as an individual, and is always striving to reach the next child who needs support.”

Fr Eamonn is originally from Frosses in County Donegal. He has had several books published, including a collection of short stories called Mercy at Work, with all money from its sale going to Mary’s Meals.

Daniel Adams (Board Director)

Daniel is Global Director of Communications and Fundraising at Mary’s Meals, based in Glasgow, as well as the Chair of Mary’s Meals Ireland’s Board. He has watched our movement grow across the UK and Ireland and is dedicated to nurturing this wonderful grassroots support.

With six years’ experience as a journalist at Scottish publishers DC Thomson, Daniel has impeccable communication skills, which he uses to share and promote the Mary’s Meals’ vision.

Daniel’s recent visit to Malawi, to see our largest school feeding programme first-hand, turned out to be a very emotional and career-affirming trip.

He wrote in a note back to colleagues: “I had a lump in my throat every time Ruth and any of the other children whispered the word "Zikomo" (Chichewa for "Thank you") at me, as if I was personally responsible for both the vital food they receive every day and their brand new backpacks. I wish I spoke more Chichewa so that I could tell them, from my heart, that there are thousands of people all over the world who love them and care about their future so much.”

He lives near Glasgow with his wife, Jenn, and their two border terriers, MacDuff and Maggie-May.

Padraig Keogh

Padraig has been heavily involved with Mary’s Meals Ireland for more than five years and remains one of our most dedicated volunteers.

After leaving his role as an orthopaedic technician after 20 years, Padraig was keen to continue helping others in a meaningful way. 

He is a passionate spokesperson for our programmes because, he says: “I know Magnus and his family, who started this work, and I know their intentions are truly genuine and honourable.

“The fact that the cost to feed a child is kept so low just shows how determined they are to achieve as much good as possible with the donations entrusted to them.”

Padraig is originally from Dublin, but now lives in County Mayo with his wife, Elizabeth.

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