David from Liberia shares his thoughts on the beautiful game – and his goals for the future. 

Children all over the world love football, but for 16-year-old David, who plays for both his school and his community team, it is a way of life. 

The talented teen from Montserrado County in Liberia takes some time out from his busy schedule to talk about the beautiful game, his goals for the future and how the serving of Mary’s Meals he receives each day at school is helping to feed his hopes and ambitions:

“If I was showing someone from outside Liberia around my town, I would take them through the market. I would show them a lot of things in the community, like where we sit sometimes, the areas me and my friends like.

“I like football. I play number 11 or number 10 [left wing or creative second striker]. I am left-footed, so I generally play on that side. 

“I play for the school team and recently played Thelma A Morgan school and beat them 2-0. It was not so easy, because they are a good team. We won by attacking them with force. We opened the tournament and we won the tournament. We came back on the campus and had fun dancing.

“My favourite team is FC Barcelona and my favourite player is Iniesta – the man can play the midfield well and can pass the ball on time! 

“In Liberia, I support Barrack Young Controllers. I'm also in a community team called Young Venus. We practise on Saturday mornings and some evenings.

“I've got two brothers and one sister. Our house is not too big. My brothers and I share the boys room. My elder brother, Moses, is 19. He's in college, studying Management. My younger brother, Peter, is 13. He's in the 4th Grade. My sister's name is Asha Allie. She's eight. She's in the 1st Grade.

“Mary's Meals is doing good for me. Usually, I have no breakfast before school, so I arrive hungry. I can't really pay attention, but when I eat Mary's Meals, I feel good.

“I like to study science, because I want to know about humans and other things. I want to become an IT specialist and learn about computers. It's what I really want to do, so it's important to me. It will help Liberia, because most of the things in the world are technology.”

Thank you for giving children like David the energy to work hard at school and follow in the footsteps of their heroes on the football pitch.