Serving the children of Lebanon and Syria

Rita is one of many volunteers delivering the Mary’s Meals school feeding programme in Lebanon

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In the hours leading up to break time at Antelias School in Lebanon, all hands are on deck for the volunteers working with our trusted partner, Dorcas, to deliver the Mary’s Meals school feeding programme.

Rita is one such volunteer who has been offering her services to Dorcas for two years. The hustle and bustle of the pupils around the school is like music to Rita’s ears; she relishes the arrival of break time when she can distribute the nutritious meals and interact with the children while she serves.

Open quote mark I am very happy as a volunteer, and I enjoy distributing the food during the children’s break. Close quote mark
Rita, volunteer in Lebanon

"I meet the children before the break, and they come to ask me what sandwich fillings they will receive and what type of fruit. I also love cooking and preparing food. I had some free time to spare, and since working with food and preparing food for children makes me happy, I was really eager to join the feeding programme. For me, it is very important to keep others happy, especially the children.”

Lebanon is currently home to around 1.5 million Syrian refugees and is facing extreme vulnerability because of the ongoing crisis in Syria. Food is scarce, and recent economic pressure means that day-to-day life can be challenging for Rita and her family.

She explains: “I have three children, and we live together with my husband. The cost of living became very high in the country, and we don’t feel that things will change soon. Everything has changed, and all families are affected because of the crisis. Everything became very expensive.”

The Mary’s Meals school feeding programme in Lebanon provides security to children affected by the civil war in Syria and brings solace to families who struggle to put food on the table for their children. Many of the volunteers who serve Mary’s Meals in Lebanon are Lebanese and Syrian parents and guardians who come together to prepare and distribute sandwich wraps and fresh fruit or vegetables for the children.

She says: “What motivates me most is that we are preparing food for the children at school, and my children and their friends are happy to receive the school meals. “With the school feeding programme, children are very happy. Their parents can't provide food for them, and the programme is their only option to eat. I also think that children can study and learn more when they eat at school.”