Messages from Malawi: Capturing a moment of hope

Our communications officer Fatima shares a series of photos from Malawi that mark the change in a young boy as he eats Mary’s Meals at school.

Amidst the dry, drought-stricken land which surrounds Finish Primary School in Chikwawa, I catch the glimpse of hope on a young learner’s face. As he eats his cup of Mary’s Meals phala (porridge) his downward expression gradually transforms into a smile.
Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right words to accurately describe the chronic hunger that is felt by students here in Malawi and the noticeable difference a cup of phala brings to them.  

These three simple photos of a learner who has just received his porridge go some way to capturing the very real difference Mary’s Meals is making to children on a daily basis.

The young learner has just received his cup of porridge and takes his first sip. Like many children at the school he chooses to begin eating his porridge alone.

Two more mouthfuls and there is a gradual change in his expression. He begins to look in different directions for his friends.

A few more sips and the young learner smiles at the camera before running towards his friends to finish eating his porridge.

To put it simply, Mary’s Meals is providing this same vital meal to hundreds of thousands of children in Malawi, creating smiles like this one and bringing hope.