Mariam serves hope to hundreds of hungry children in India every school day.

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“I think they are happy with the food that I cook!” Mariam laughs. “Most of them return for seconds.”

The widowed mum-of-six helps to prepare huge pots of vegetable curry and rice for the children at St Michael’s Primary School.

“When I started cooking here, there were only 90 children. Now there are 249. It’s a very big jump! It shows that Mary’s Meals is encouraging children to come to school and learn because they will eat a tasty meal.”

Like many cooks in Mary's Meals’ kitchens around the world, Mariam’s own son, Pradip, is among those receiving the life-changing meals.

In India those born into poverty have few opportunities, so our school meals offer vulnerable children the chance of a brighter future.

“I myself didn’t go to school,” Mariam explains. “I’m totally illiterate and I don’t want the children of my community to be the same. I hope they become educated. I’d like Pradip to finish school with good results.”

For Pradip, the food prepared by his mum gives him and his friends the energy to learn and play.

“I come to school hungry so I look forward to eating the food. My mum cooks for all the children here. I like the food she cooks. It makes me feel so good and full."

In India alone, dedicated cooks like Mariam help to feed more than 22,000 hungry children every school day. Without incredible volunteers serving Mary’s Meals with love around the world, this work would not be possible.