Stampify - loyalty card donates 70,000 meals and counting!

A loyalty card scheme that fights world hunger is providing an amazing 70,000 meals to children in Mary’s Meals’ school feeding programmes around the world.

Irish start-up and social enterprise Stampify, partners with local cafes and businesses to offer customers a loyalty card with a difference. Instead of the usual complimentary coffee with traditional loyalty schemes, Stampify enables customers and businesses to donate meals to hungry children. For every card filled, a child is fed for a week. In just under a year, Stampify has donated an incredible 70,000 meals to Mary’s Meals!

Stampify CEO Conor Leen was inspired to support Mary’s Meals for two reasons – its vision and impact.

Open quote mark The impact through working with Mary's Meals in terms of the numbers we can reach is astounding – and we also love the simple idea of providing meals to children in the developing world in their place of education. In this way, we are not just fighting world hunger but also helping to provide education that can help children to escape poverty in the long term. Close quote mark
Conor Leen, CEO, Stampify

Throughout university, Conor worked closely with start-ups and charitable organisations and came up with the idea to fuse the two interests together. Stampify aims to fight world hunger at no extra cost to the customer and at less cost to the business than traditional loyalty card schemes.


Check out Stampify’s website to see where you can pick up a loyalty card and help us to reach even more hungry children.