Galway supporters dance for Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals volunteers and Della’s Tea Dance waltz their way to another unforgettable fundraiser!

Back to all stories | Posted on 21 November 19 in Fundraising

Our Tuam volunteer group teamed up, for a second year running, with the famous Della’s Tea Dance to raise vital funds for Mary’s Meals.

Not only were there enough tickets sold to feed over 120 children for an entire school year, it was an opportunity for the group to celebrate their achievements and thank the local community for their support.

Our Fundraising Coordinator, Jeannie Higgins, says:

 “It was such a pleasure to attend the event and to meet and thank everyone who has been supporting Mary’s Meals. I always tell people that fundraising should also be about having fun; the tea dance was just that!”

After beginning their fundraising efforts just over 18 months ago, the group have worked tirelessly to make sure that children in some of the poorest communities in the world are guaranteed a daily meal in their place of education.

There are many different ways you can help – by donating your time, money, skills and prayers.