We find out how Lette's life has changed since we first met her in 2011. 

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“My life could have been so hard. I could not have been in this beautiful place,” a lot has changed since we first met Lette in 2011.

You may remember Lette from our film, Child 31. Her mother had just passed away and Lette was doing her best to look after her little brothers. In Malawi, life was tough and the young family were struggling to survive each day: “I usually go to school with nothing to eat,” Lette told us.

Lette and her brother Anderson in 2011.

Fast forward nine years and Lette, now a mother herself, is graduating from Jacaranda School for Orphans, where she received Mary’s Meals each school day.

She now dreams of becoming a journalist and hopes that the positive impact of our school feeding programme will benefit her son Philip, as well as the community she lives in.

Lette said: “I want to go to college and study journalism so I can find out information and see how things are moving in my country. Some of us in Malawi are still suffering.

“It is so important to send children to class to learn more things, like to read and write – because if they are educated they will change the nation and they can be independent for their own needs and to help their families.”

Lette in 2020 as she prepares to graduate later this year.

“When I look back at the past, I see what Mary’s Meals has meant in my life – more than you guys know. I have good opportunities and an education, and to me it’s amazing because I can see that my dreams are coming true.”


Hear more from Lette by watching this short film. 

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