A life-saving new partnership

We’ve teamed up with Mavambo Orphan Care in Zimbabwe to help save 6,000 vulnerable children from starvation.

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We're working with a new local partner in Zimbabwe to bring much-needed food to children living with HIV.

Our partnership with Mavambo Orphan Care is providing a lifeline for children in the townships in and around the capital city of Harare as the Covid-19 pandemic wreaks havoc in vulnerable communities.

Good nutrition is essential for children living with HIV. The antiretroviral medication used to treat the virus is most effective when combined with a healthy diet and can make people extremely unwell if taken on an empty stomach.

Danny Gomwe from Mavambo said: “The majority of these children’s caregivers already live in abject poverty. Lockdown has left struggling parents with no employment options and zero income. At the same time, Covid-19 has caused a surge in food prices and left poor families unable to feed themselves.

“We are very glad to be working with Mary’s Meals to bring urgent support to families during this time of crisis. The food is making a world of difference to vulnerable children, especially those living with HIV. The support we are working together to provide is life-saving.”

Alex Keay, our Head of Programme Partners, added: “The situation for these communities is dire and without this programme the children we are helping to support would not be able to eat.

“We are committed to working with communities and trusted partners to bring the most effective help to those suffering the effects of extreme poverty and we are incredibly thankful for the support of everyone who chooses to stand in solidarity with the children we serve.”

While starvation is the biggest threat to communities in the Harare and Goromonzi districts, great care is also being taken to protect them from the spread of Covid-19.

As well as providing vulnerable families with take-home rations of nutritious porridge, we’re also distributing soap and handwashing advice.

Trained volunteers oversee the community distributions, which take place at open-air pick-up points with clear social distancing and hygiene procedures in place.

Our partnership with Mavambo in the Harare district is in addition to our school feeding programme in Zimbabwe, which provides more than 34,000 children across the country with a nutritious daily meal in their place of education.

In uncertain times, your generosity is needed more than ever.

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