How we spend donations

For every euro you give to us, we spend a minimum of 93 cents on our charitable activities.

Mary's Meals started life operating out of a tin shed. The shed still serves as our global headquarters to this day.

As an organisation working in some of the world’s poorest communities, we’re committed to keeping our running costs low to maximise the good we can do with the donations entrusted to us. At most, we spend just 7 cents of every euro donated on governance and fundraising.

This is only possible because most of our work is done by an army of volunteers in Ireland and in the countries where we work who carry out lots of little acts of love on our behalf.

See the difference you can make.

The aims of Mary's Meals

The charity's constitution sets out the focus of our charitable activities as:

  • The main objective for which the Company is established is to provide for the relief of poverty and the advancement of education through financial assistance to support School Feeding Programmes which provide daily meals to school-going impoverished and disadvantaged children throughout the world.
  • To fund emergency situations, care for, and send aid, material and otherwise to disadvantaged communities.

We are dedicated to our commitment to spend at least 93% of all funds received on these charitable activities.

Where your money goes

We believe in the good stewardship of all resources entrusted to us, and we aim to be open and accountable to all our supporters and everyone involved in our work. We have consistently exceeded our commitment to spend at least 93 cents of every euro on our charitable activities. You can find more details on how we spend your donations in our annual reports or visit the Mary’s Meals International website.

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