Around half the population of Uganda don’t have enough food to eat.

We have been providing Mary’s Meals here since 2008. Our partner in Kenya is the Emmaus Foundation which aims to provide life-changing opportunities for the people of Uganda. 

We provide meals in schools in the capital Kampala and in Gulu in the north of the country. We also have programmes near the town of Soroti in a remote area of Eastern Uganda.

Life in Uganda

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, placing incredible pressure on vulnerable young people to support entire families by whatever means necessary.

As a result, attending school and gaining an education is a low priority; around two-thirds of children drop out during primary school.

It’s estimated that around half of Uganda’s population consume less than the recommended number of calories in a day and one in three children have no food at all in a typical school day.

Mary's Meals in Uganda

We are currently feeding over 12,000 children in 12 schools.

The children we feed are aged between 3 and 18.

A typical school meal consists of chicken or pork with rice and vegetables.

Did you know?

21% of the population live below the International Poverty Line
of $1.90 per day.

35% of the population has insufficient 
food intake, despite 
generally high levels of 
food production.

57% of the population is under-18 (one of the youngest populations in the world).

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