What to wear:

Keep an eye on the weather forecast to help you decide what to wear the following day. The secret is to keep warm and dry but not to overheat.

Layers are better than heavy clothes and it is advisable to carry a change of clothes and, of course, rain gear!

What to carry:

This is Ireland, so remember to plan for four seasons in a day! Always carry light rain gear, sun cream, sun hat and water. It is advisable to carry a blister pack for those sore feet (using petroleum jelly where boots might rub is a great trick too!).

Some days lunch will be available en route, other days you will need to bring a packed lunch – please check with the walk leader the day before.

Bring some high energy snacks to keep you well fuelled on your walk.

Health and Safety:

To comply with insurance there are rules we must abide by. Each day register your name and the length of time you intend to spend walking, i.e. hour, half day or all day. If you have been diagnosed with an illness such as diabetes or epilepsy please inform the walk leader.

You must wear a high visibility vest when walking on the roads and you must comply with the RSA instructions

The walk leaders will advise on locations where great care must be taken, either walking in a single line or waiting until a marshal goes ahead to warn oncoming traffic. When instructions are given, you must follow these at all times.

Walk leaders will carry a Health and Safety statement with them each day, please make sure you have read it fully.


Every walker participating must organise their own accommodation and it is advisable to plan this in advance. We also ask friends of Mary’s Meals to offer accommodation, please check with us if there are any places available.


If you know someone who can drop you to a starting point and collect you at the end of the day, this would be helpful.

If you do not have transport, please let us know in advance.

To organise a lift there may be a charge.


Any sum of money raised is well received.

Remember just €18.30 will feed a child a daily meal in a place of education for an entire school year.

Any small amount is of great value, the walk is also a visible recognition of caring and wanting to make a change that will last.

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