1. Why do I have to choose a specific school?

Choosing a specific school to sponsor is a great way to focus your fundraising and helps you to build closer relationships with communities overseas.

The amount needed to fund your project over a 12-month period will depend on the number of children enrolled at the school you have chosen to sponsor so we recommend that you pick a school that matches your budget. If you’re just starting out, it might be best to begin with a smaller school and see how you get on.  

2. Will the children my fundraising supports still receive meals while schools are closed because of Covid-19?

During this pandemic, our work won’t stop. In Malawi, Zambia, Kenya and Liberia, we’re working with communities to get food to the children who rely on Mary’s Meals. Your sponsorship will still ensure that the children enrolled at your chosen school will receive a daily meal. For now, this meal will be prepared and eaten at home – their temporary place of education.

3. How much contact can I have with my school?

Once you have successfully reached your 12-month fundraising target, we will send you a special report on your chosen school, including photos and stories from children and teachers. You will also be invited to provide wording for a sign that will be displayed at your chosen school.

As a general rule, we don’t facilitate direct contact between donors and their sponsored schools, or arrange visits, or deliver donations of material aid.

4. Can I sponsor in memory of someone?

Yes, but sponsorship and sign only lasts for one year, unless you choose to re-sponsor.

5. What happens if I don’t reach my target/make enough money?

There is no need to worry. We are committed to ensuring that every child enrolled in our school feeding programme receives a nutritious meal every day that they attend school.

We recommend that sponsors choose a school that is within their estimated budget, but we understand that unexpected challenges may arise. If you are unable to reach your 12-month fundraising target within the allotted time, we will use our general funds to make up any shortfall.

6. What happens if I exceed my target?

If you exceed your 12-month fundraising target, you will not be able to put this money towards another fundraising year if you choose to re-sponsor. Please be assured that any donations above your target amount are used to feed hungry children in the country of your sponsored school. 

7. How can I fundraise for my chosen school?

Not sure where to begin? Loads of ideas to help you reach your 12-month Sponsor a School target can be found here.

8. Can I sponsor a 'faith-based' school specifically?

Mary’s Meals is a charity of all faiths and none. We cannot guarantee the specific faith of each school that is available to sponsor.

9. Can I sponsor multiple schools at once?

This is possible, but if you would like to sponsor multiple schools at once, you may want to consider sponsoring one larger school. If you would like to discuss more options for sponsoring or funding multiple schools, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

10. Can I sponsor multiple years at once?

You can sponsor your chosen school for multiple years in a single donation. However, in this instance, online sponsorship is perhaps not the best option. We recommend you contact our fundraising team to discuss your options. You can get in touch with them directly through our website.

Statement about online pages:

If you are having trouble logging into your fundraising account to view or edit your online project, please ensure that you are logging into your correct country website. Any additional queries or issues about your online page, please contact Mary’s Meals International at ireland@marysmeals.org

Disclaimer statement:

Thank you very much for choosing to Sponsor a School. Mary’s Meals do not own any of the schools that we provide feeding in, and due to the nature of the countries that we provide school feeding in, we cannot guarantee that enrolments or conditions of your sponsored school will remain the same from the time of sponsorship till the end of your fundraising year.