The world’s forgotten children are in crisis.

This year, conflict, COVID-19, climate change and the rising cost of living have converged to create world hunger on an unprecedented scale.

Over 5.7 million children under 5 are now a step away from famine.

The time to act is now.




Global forces are impacting the communities we serve

As the world emerges from the pandemic we continue to face unprecedented challenges.


The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has disrupted supply chains and increased delivery costs for essential goods such as fertiliser.

Rising Costs

The rise in the cost of living is affecting the global community, putting pressure on every penny needed to help serve the next child.


Many of the communities we serve are directly impacted by climate change and are living in
increasingly inhospitable environments.


We need your help to reach the next child waiting.

We deliver life-changing meals to over 2 million of the world’s most vulnerable children, every school-day, but we need your support to reach the next child waiting.



No matter how challenging it may be,
with your help there is
always  hope. 

"Food is important. Before, the schools were empty.
I didn’t come to school. Now we eat Mary’s Meals every day
and more people are coming.

Ballah, Liberia

It costs just €18.30 to feed a child for a whole year.

Please give what you can.