Child 31


Watch Child 31 in full

Child 31 is an inspirational short film about the work of Mary’s Meals.

It follows our founder and CEO Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow as he travels to our school feeding projects in Malawi, India and Kenya.

Watch, love, share … and help us reach the next child waiting for Mary’s Meals.

Gerard Butler and Child 31

Hollywood actor Gerard Butler is among a host of celebrities and well-known personalities giving their support to Child 31. He also appears in the film and has visited our project in Liberia.

Find out what Gerard says about his experiences with Mary’s Meals and who else supports Child 31.

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You can help bring our work to new hearts and minds by sharing Child 31 with others.

Order a DVD

Child 31 is available to buy on DVD in exchange for a suggested donation of €15.60 and makes an excellent gift. €15.60 is the cost of feeding a child with Mary’s Meals for a whole school year.

To order your copy, please visit the Mary’s Meals online store. Or to offer an alternative amount, please call
+353 (0)1 857 2155 or contact us online.